Great Chefs Series

Be part of an exceptional experience with some of the most influential culinary minds in the world, partnering with TasTAFE Drysdale.

Between the months of March to August, TasTAFE Drysdale presents the ‘Great Chefs Series’ in Launceston and Hobart.

The Great Chefs Series is an opportunity for some of the most influential culinary minds on the planet to mentor, coach and collaborate with the developing talent within the Tasmanian hospitality industry and TasTAFE Drysdale using Tasmanian produce.

TasTAFE Drysdale students across the Cookery, Hospitality, Tourism and Events program areas will deliver an educational experience that will culminate with each ‘Great Chef’ and  Cookery Apprentices delivering a premium culinary event, showcasing Tasmanian Vocational Education and Training ingenuity with premium produce in the form of a degustation.

Each of the events is partnered with some of the finest cool climate sparkling, still and fortified wines from Tasmania's world class wineries, and is a culinary journey unique to the experiences, flavours and techniques that have shaped each of the ‘Great Chefs’ passion for cuisine.

During the months of March and April, we are pleased to welcome to Tasmania; Alain Passard, Dominique Crenn and Christian Puglisi who will work alongside our students in presenting a ten (10) course degustation for the public.

We are also very fortunate to provide the opportunity for guests to experience a five (5) course lunch with Alain Passard at Josef Chromy Winery, Relbia. This experience is an opportunity for Chef Passard to utilise the picturesque surroundings of this ‘Ultimate Winery Destination’.   

Throughout April to August, we are very honoured to have six (6) chefs visiting the shores of Tasmania from Melbourne and Sydney, to spend quality time with TasTAFE Drysdale students to develop a series of seven (7) course degustations for the public.

These chefs are operating at the highest level in Australia at leading establishments that continue to set the benchmark in the industry.   During April and May, Guillaume Brahimi and David Moyle will travel to Launceston, after which in July and August, Phil Wood and Mike McEnearney will make the pilgrimage.

In Hobart for the first time is Jacques Reymond during May and Mark Best in July to work alongside students and local producers to each deliver a seven (7) course degustation at the TasTAFE Drysdale campus. 

We look forward to welcoming you to TasTAFE Drysdale and introducing you to the 'Great Chefs in 2017 for what promises to be a stellar year in vocational education and culinary arts'!



Calendar of events



Wednesday  29th March, 2017 - Lunch with Alain Passard - Josef Chromy Wines..... more

Thursday 30th March, 2017 - A Private Dining experience with Alain Passard - Peacock and Jones, Hobart..... more

Saturday 1st April, 2017 - Dinner with Alain Passard - TasTAFE Drysdale Launceston..... more

Saturday 8th April, 2017 - Dinner with Dominique Crenn - TasTAFE Drysdale Launceston..... more

Wednesday 12th April, 2017 - Dinner with Christian Puglisi - TasTAFE Drysdale Launceston..... more

Friday 28th April, 2017 - Dinner with Guillaume Brahimi - TasTAFE Drysdale Launceston..... more

Friday 12th May, 2017 - Dinner with David Moyle - TasTAFE Drysdale Launceston..... more

Friday 7th July, 2017 - Dinner with Phil Wood - TasTAFE Drysdale Launceston..... more

Friday 11th August 2017, Dinner with Mike McEnearney - TasTAFE Drysdale Launceston..... more


Friday 5th May, 2017 - Dinner with Jacques Reymond - TasTAFE Drysdale Hobart..... more

Friday 28th July, 2017 - Dinner with Mark Best - TasTAFE Drysdale Hobart..... more



TasTAFE Drysdale Launceston - 93 Paterson Street, Launceston, Tasmania

TasTAFE Drysdale Hobart - 59 Collins Street, Hobart, Tasmania

Josef Chromy Wines - 370 Relbia Road, Relbia, Tasmania


Lunch - 12.30pm- 3.00pm

Dinners - Pre-dinner drinks 6.00pm, seated at 6.30pm

Private dining experience with Alain Passard- 5.30pm-9.00pm



Tourism and Hospitality 

The Hospitality and Tourism sector is projecting a very healthy outlook with the Australian Government predicting over 49,000 additional jobs to be created by 2017.

The Tourism Industry is forecast to grow between 43% and 74% by 2020, providing even more employment opportunities.

With unprecedented demand for skilled hospitality and tourism professionals, now’s the time to get qualified with TasTAFE Drysdale.

Studying for a qualification in the Tourism, Hospitality and Events area within TasTAFE Drysdale offers fantastic opportunities to enter the hospitality and tourism industries, to learn and demonstrate skills that will land you a job anywhere in the world.

At TasTAFE Drysdale your classrooms are real life restaurants, real life industry partners in real life environments where you will learn first-hand how to work in this fast-paced, exciting industry.

Our tourism courses prepare students for working as a travel consultant, tour guide or tourism promoter or consultant.

Courses offered include hospitality, commercial cookery, kitchen operations, events, travel and tourism.

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20 Valley Road, Devonport, Tasmania

59 Collins Street, Hobart, Tasmania