Alain Passard menu

April 1, 2017


Small tartlet selection

Non Vintage Josef Chromy Tasmanian Cuvée


Beetroot sushi’s with geranium flowers, black olive

2016 Josef Chromy Riesling


Thin garden multicolour raviolis consommé

2016 Pepik Chardonnay


Celery risotto with parmesan, Huon Salmon Caviar

2016 Josef Chromy Pinot Gris


Vegetable tartare with fresh tarragon, young sprouts

2016 Josef Chromy Gewürztraminer


Blue Eye Trevalla grilled on scales Laurel aroma

2015 Josef Chromy Chardonnay

Multicolour silver beat wrapped in ‘Savoy’ cabbage leave with Fresh garlic


Robbins Island Wagyu beef grilled with black cardamom garden gnocchi’s

2015 Josef Chromy Pinot Noir


Flinders Island Saltgrass lamb in salt crust with oyster sauce

2012 Zdar Pinot Noir


Leatherwood honey soufflé

2016 Josef Chromy Botrytis Riesling



Apple pie ‘bouquet of roses’ Caramel

Mini pâtisseries