April 8, 2017


Green Apple Sorbet


Avocado & Pumpkin - Grilled Avocado with Cured and Dried Pumpkin, Maple Glaze and puffed brown rice

2012 Goaty Hill Maia Sparkling


Koshihikari Rice, Oyster Barigoule, Hokkaido Sea Urchin - Sushi rice with two kinds of seaweeds folded into it, “Barigoule” fortified with whole grilled oysters, katsuobushi, dashi, and heavy aromatics

2016 Goaty Hill Riesling


Salt Baked Turnip, Seaweeds - Seaweed Salt Crust-baked Tasmanian Turnip, with smoked caviar, a koji rice cream, and wakame oil.

2009 Goaty Hill Riesling


Spring Bay Mussel Escabeche, Vadouvan Curried Coconut  - Cooked and Escabeche-marinated Blue Mussels, with a sauce of Vadouvan curried coconut milk brightened with galangal, lemongrass, and ginger

2015 Goaty Hill Chardonnay


Grilled Abalone, Oyster Cream, Egg Yolk Jam- Grilled and thinly sliced Abalone dusted with seaweed, liver sauce, Smoked Oyster cream, and egg yolk jam

2015 Goaty Hill Chardonnay


Fish & Chips - Gently cured and Huon Aquaculture smoked Ocean Trout, shaved foie gras, crispy trout skin alongside whipped yogurt and a “chip” of fried potato strings

2012 Goaty Hill Chardonnay


Robbins Island Wagyu, Jus & Cognac  - Grilled Wagyu Ribeye draped in a gelee of chicken dashi that is covered in herbs/ flowers, and a rich beef jus seasoned with cognac

2010 Goaty Hill Pinot Noir


Goat’s Milk Cheese, Banana Leaf  - Soft cheese wrapped in a Banana Leaf and grilled to warm

2016 Goaty Hill Botrytis Riesling


Buttermilk Ice Cream, Sorghum, Caramel- Tart buttermilk ice cream covered in popped sorghum, flowers, with a caramel sauce

2016 Goaty Hill Botrytis Riesling