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When it comes to our wine, there are four stories to be told.

Our vineyards.  Lean natural acidity matches with intense flavours from root to grape, soil to sunshine.

Our Growers.  Our team of hardworking men and women, who grow and tend to our grapes with precision and care.

Our vigneron.  Peter Caldwell and his passion for Pinot Noir, which he carefully crushes, ferments and separates into various distinct barrels to produce wines of elegance and expression.

Our Wines.  Complex characters, weight, texture, and flavour come together before bottling and mature in our cellar; developing, growing, and creating a personality. 

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Bream creek vineyard

Bream Creek can be considered as one of the pioneers of the modern Tasmanian wine industry.  Its vineyard at Bream Creek was planted in the early 1970s, making it one of the first commercial vineyards established in Tasmania, while the Bream Creek brand was established by leading Tasmanian vigneron Fred Peacock in 1990.  For more than 25 years, Bream Creek has been a consistent award winner, amassing 22 Trophies and over 470 Wine Show medals and showcasing the very best of Tasmanian wine to Australia and the rest of the world.

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City of Launceston

Launceston is a boutique riverside city located at the head of the picturesque Tamar Valley, boasting magnificent natural attractions, world-class adventure experiences and enchanting parks and gardens. Visit in any season and immerse yourself in the city's thriving food and wine scene set amongst the backdrop of beautiful Georgian streetscapes.

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Tourism Tasmania

Tasmania is a place of wild and beautiful landscapes, friendly, helpful people with a relaxed island lifestyle, wonderful wine and food and a haunting history evoked by spectacular convict-era ruins.
No matter where visitors and locals alike go in Tassie, whether they spend time in one location or drive around the entire island, they are sure to be delighted by what they find and surprised at how much bigger Tasmania is on the inside.

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Launceston and Northern Tasmania offers a haven of nourished farmland, which creates fresh, beautiful produce such as well acclaimed truffles, seafood and velvety cool climate wines.

Along with farmland Launceston and Northern Tasmania is a gateway for many adventure activities as it provides vast rugged wilderness.

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Kingthing Marketing is a business specializing in marketing strategy, social media, websites, training, award submissions and general marketing,

They are award winning marketing consultants that gets results and gives the best advice so your business thrives.

Specializing in the tourism sector, they have forged a reputation of delivering quality and measureable outcomes for tourism operators and regional organisations across the country.

Early in 2015 Kingthing won a National Tourism Award for their work in the training and education sector 

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Moores Hill Wine 

Moores Hill is a boutique, family operated wine producer located on a northeast-facing hillside in the Tamar Valley.
Moores Hill has become noted as a producer of excellent Riesling with a string of awards reflecting the unique terroir of the site. Warm, mild sunshine and cooling maritime breezes allow the fruit to ripen slowly and build great depth of flavour, balanced with natural acidity.

Julian Allport and Fiona Weller moved from South Australia to purchase Moores Hill in 2008. 

They’re part of a‘younger generation’ of vineyard owners and winemakers who have moved to Tasmania from the mainland in recent years. 

A qualified winemaker, Julian tends the vineyard and makes the wine while Fiona handles sales & marketing. Click HERE for their website.

Hawthorn Football Club

Hawthorn Football Club enjoys a special relationship with Tasmania.  The club has been playing games at Aurora Stadium in Launceston for over 15 years and for the last ten years has been Tasmania’s official team, known locally and with much affection as the Tassie Hawks.

Hawthorn’s suite of annual games at its second home ground, Aurora Stadium, contributes significantly to the local economy.

Match day visitation from within and outside of Tasmania generates measurable positive returns through purchase of accommodation, food, beverage and other associated services. Hawthorn recognises that it has an important role to play in contributing to Northern Tasmania’s program of regional events and tourism.  Click HERE for their website.

Tamar Valley Wine Route

Our unique cool climate location produces elegant wines of exceptional quality. From the Valley, to Pipers River in the north and Relbia in the south, there’s over 32 wineries within driving distance of each other.

Tamar Valley wines of note are Sparkling, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.  Click here to visit their website.

Tamar Valley Truffles

Tamar Valley Truffles is a family business with 3000 oak trees in the Tamar Valley near Lake Trevallyn, 15mins. From Launceston.

These trees were planted in 2000 and were producing truffles after the first 5 years, with a gradual increase each year.  Dogs are used for smelling the truffle and a fluro marker is placed on the ground, then is gently prised out by the harvesters.

Most of the fresh truffle is Exported to Hong Kong, Japan, and a small amount to the USA.

Originally product was sold to various places in Europe which is great for the ego but with smallish volumes it is easier to use a distributor to deliver to the top end Chefs in their own region.

Two years ago we developed the concept of value adding the Truffle range from growing and selling fresh product to working in conjunction with Tasmania’s leading food manufacturers.

We began working recipes with Tasmanian Gourmet Sauces, Australian Honey Products, Caccavo Olive Oil, All award winning companies in their own right. So a perfect combination.

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Our passion for the region of Tasmania, at similar latitude to the Champagne and Burgundy regions in France, arises from a desire to seek out a genuine cold climate that can produce wines of classic structure, combining fruit intensity with refinement, complexity with persistence of flavour, and the ultimate expression and grape and region.

The region of Pipers Brook in the north east of Tasmania enjoys a significant climatic advantage that is unique in Australia; that of a very low variability of maximum temperature. This stability is born from a unique set of geographical features: the hot northerly winds are cooled by the waters of Bass Strait, while the cool southerlies gain heat as they cross the island. This, combined with cool, relative temperatures and significant sunshine hours make for ideal conditions to retain delicate aromas. The frosty and sometimes wild conditions of winter give way to clear, crisp, blue-sky days through the growing season, allowing the fruit to ripen slowly and evenly, assuring a lingering acidity essential to producing premium cool climate varietals.

Delamere Vineyards is planted on rich ironstone soils perfectly suited to the cultivars of pinot noir and chardonnay exclusively, and was established in the traditional French design used in Burgundy and Champagne. The deep red Ferrosol soils offer great fertility, excess water drainage and moisture retention, meaning that irrigation is not required.

The vineyard is densely planted (7500 vines per ha) and has a vertical shoot position trellis system with a very low fruiting wire, some 60cm off the ground. The low yield per vine and the reflective heat from the ground produces wines with superior depth of flavour and ripe well-developed tannins. Vine age and subsequent natural balance are key factors in the consistent production of wines with great structure and harmony.

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Jansz tasmania

In 1986, esteemed Champagne house – Louis Roederer partnered with the owners of Heemskerk Wine to produce Tasmania’s first premium vintage sparkling wine using the traditional Methode Champenoise.  Today we call it Methode Tasmanoise .  It’s the essence of a partnership between the environment and our winemaker.  The vineyard speaks through every one of our wines – wines that are individual expressions of their birthplace.  The Jansz vineyard sits to the northeast of the island within the Pipers River region of the Tamar Valley.  This cool little corner is colloquially known as “Sparkling Tasmania”. The name Jansz pays homage to Tasmania’s namesake, the Dutch explorer Abel Janszoon Tasman.  In 1997 the Hill-Smith family, recognising Tasmania’s potential for creating world-class wines, purchased the vineyard and began the journey that has seen Jansz Tasmania become the most highly regarded sparkling wine house in Australia.

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Brand Tasmania

Tasmania, the island state of Australia, lies 40 degrees south of the equator. An archipelago of more than 334 islands in the temperate zone of the southern hemisphere, it is a land of dramatic coastlines, rugged mountains, spectacular wilderness and sparkling highland lakes.

Tasmanians breathe some of the world’s cleanest air and drink the purest water. Unpolluted coastal seas and rich, fertile soils enable them to produce the finest foods.

Click HERE for the Brand Tasmania website.

To view Brand Tasmania's video series of of the 2016 Great Chefs Series , click HERE.

Flinders Island Meat

Bass Strait is the ferocious stretch of ocean that separates mainland Australia from Tasmania. Antarctic driven swells are magnified in the strait, creating powerful, wild storm waves. It is twice as wide, and twice as rough as the English channel. It is in this wild stretch of sea that Flinders Island sits. It is one of the most famous and legendary lamb producing regions in the world.

The strong winds from Bass Strait whip up trace amounts of ocean elements and deposit them onto the pastures on the island. British and European breed lambs raised here are renowned for the unique and delicate flavour of their meat. The effect of these trace ocean elements is where the lamb on Flinders Island derives its special name from – Saltgrass Lamb.

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Tasmanian Hospitality Association

The Tasmanian Hospitality Association is the peak industry body for hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs in Tasmania.

The THA is a proactive body which seeks at all times to advocate for the hospitality sector, and ensure Tasmania has a viable and profitable hospitality industry both now and into the future.

Informed by direct industry contact and member representation, the THA actively seeks to engage all levels of government to lobby on behalf of the sector and play a lead role in the formation of industry-relevant policies. Click HERE for more.


The vineyards that winemaker Rebecca and her viticulturist husband Tim Duffy own in the Tamar Valley are steeped with a rich Australian (and sporting!) history, making their site probably one of the most interesting and unique in the country.

The wines are developed and cultivated by winemaker Rebecca Duffy a qualified winemaker with 10 years of winemaking experience and her husband Tim, who is a third generation grape grower and an agronomist with extensive viticultural experience. Click HERE for their website.

Goaty Hill Vineyard

The partners in Goaty Hill Wines are close friends from two families who are living the dream of making award winning wines in the Tamar Valley in the pristine cool climate island state of Tasmania.

The grapes for the Goaty Hill label are estate grown at their vineyard at Kayena. 

The underlying philosophy at Goaty Hill Wines is that winemaking begins in the vineyard, long before the grapes are harvested. The family believes that superior grape growing diminishes the need for intervention by the winemaker and results in a wine that is grown, not made. Goaty Hill specialises in Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Though modelled on the best from Burgundy to Bordeaux, these wines speak clearly of their contemporary Tasmanian origins, combining beautiful fruit with an elegant and opulent mouth feel.

Natasha, Kristine, Markus and Tony warmly invite you to join them and enjoy the journey of learning, sharing and enjoying fine wine with friends.  Click HERE for their website.



Clemens Hill is a Tasmanian producer with fruit sourced from the premium wine growing district of the Coal River Valley, just 20 minutes drive from the capital city of Hobart.  Established in 1994 the fruit is entering maturity by Tasmanian standards, giving the winemaking team a generous flavoured fruit reaching the optimum complexity of its varietal character.

Clemens Hill is devoted to the premium varieties of Burgundy & Champagne and also make two of Tasmania’s most lauded Sauvignon Blanc styles, inspired by the wonderful wines of Graves and Sancerre. As much as these regions inspire… at Clemens Hill the wine making team is conscious of putting Tassie’s own stamp & personality into the wines.

Owners Dr Robert Ware & Maria D'ettore tirelessly tend to their vineyards, of which there is now just over 5 hectares planted, producing approximately 2500 cases per annum across 6 styles of wine.

Rob and Maria are proud owners of this superb multi aware winning estate and would welcome you to their home to look at the wines by appointment only. Click HERE for their website.


The Department of Education is responsible for providing educational services to students from birth. There is no defined age limit because we believe in and are responsible for educational services that enable all Tasmanians to learn, regardless of their age or where they live.

We provide educational services through our child and family centres, through primary and high schools and, at the tertiary and vocational level, through our colleges and the TasTAFE.

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Josef has been involved in some of Tasmania’s best-known premium wine brands including Jansz, Heemskerk, Tamar Ridge and Rochcombe (now Bay of Fires), all of which were sold over time as the business concentrated its efforts on the Josef Chromy brand and the premium grapes grown on that rolling hillside that is part of the view across the lake from the Relbia centre.

Josef is still involved every day in every aspect of the business, and he can be found testing his very discerning palate in the winery, advising the kitchen on the best cuts of meat to purchase locally, talking to visiting wine, food and travel writers, strolling through the vineyard with TV foodie personalities or making the news with his latest tourism venture. The man is the brand.  Click HERE to visit their website.

Cape Grim Natural Water

We braved the wild, untouched coast of Tasmania, with its notorious, freezing Antarctic storms, thundering black clouds and icy winds. All to capture the precious rain of Cape Grim, the world's purist drinking water.

In a time when food has become complicated and over embellished, people are yearning for the simpler things in life.

Cape Grim remains perfect. Unadulterated. Untouched and pure.

Click here to visit Cape Grim's website.

Wine Tasmania

Wine Tasmania is the peak body representing the island's grape growers and winemakers - working together to promote Tasmania as a benchmark wine region of world renown.

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Tamar Ridge Winery is on the western bank of the picturesque Tamar River just north of Launceston. The full range of Tamar Ridge wines and Pirie sparkling can be tasted at the cellar door as well as a range of the Devil’s Corner wines.

Tamar Ridge Cellar DoorOur informative and friendly staff will guide you through the range of wines. Plus there is usually the odd ‘hidden treasure’ – wines restricted to Cellar Door and not generally available.

Guests can picnic on the lawn or enjoy a glass of wine on the deck overlooking the Tamar River. Platters featuring Tasmanian cheeses and locally made terrines are available for purchase. The cellar door can cater for large groups, by prior arrangement.

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