Mark Best Degustation

June 24, 2016


Tomato and Parmesan Marshmallow

2011 Goaty Hill Maia Sparkling


Oyster and Grilled Sea Foam 

2012 Goaty Hill Maia Sparkling


Mushroom Broth with Fermented Shiitake (and scallops)

2015 Goaty Hill Riesling


Roast Cauliflower, Blood Sausage and Prawn Custard

2015 Goaty Hill Pinot Gris


Flinders Island Wallaby and Daikon Hot Pot with bull kelp

2013 Goaty Hill Pinot Noir


Frozen Grapefruit Curd and Sherbet


Parsnip Cornetto

2015 Goaty Hill Botrytis Riesling


Sauternes Custard

2015 Goaty Hill Botrytis Riesling